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Electricity And Your Home
  • Electric heaters – are you using them safely?
    As an electrician in Chatham I am seeing a large increase in the amount of households who use portable electric
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  • How to keep children safe from electrical danger
    Keeping young children safe from the dangers of electricity can be a stressful time. From ensuring that appliances are kept
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  • Electrical Safety Tips for the Home
    Many house holders in Medway and Maidstone often call me to ask if there is a problem with their electrical
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  • Where to find a qualified and registered electrician
    In all my posts, I always recommend using a qualified and registered electrician to carry out electrical work in your
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  • Is this electrical danger in your home?
    Counterfeit electrical products are yet again in the headlines, this time in the form of counterfeit chargers – which can
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  • Have you been told your fusebox is dangerous?
    I have been hearing several reports from my customers in Medway and Maidstone recently that a large ‘well known’ maintenance
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  • Why every home should have a smoke alarm
    Research carried out by YouGov recently revealed that 1 in 5 private rented properties do not have a working fire
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  • How it could pay to use a TrustMark electrician
    In and around my local area of Medway and Maidstone, I am finding increasing awareness of the need to employ
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