How it could pay to use a TrustMark electrician

In and around my local area of Medway and Maidstone, I am finding increasing awareness of the need to employ a registered electrician. Most people who have this awareness have heard of the NICEIC. Using a registered electrician registered with the NICEIC or other scheme provider is your safety blanket that the electrical work will be completed to a high standard, certified and guaranteed.

However, finding an electrician can be a difficult business. Increasing numbers of people are turning to the internet to find an electrician to carry out work in their homes. Many have heard of sites which recommend tradespeople that can carry out electrical work in your home. However, did you know that electricians pay to put themselves on most of these websites? Did you know that a register exists that only carefully assessed and registered electricians can join?

TrustMark – government endorsed standards

As a TrustMark electrician, I am proud to be part of the TrustMark local tradesmen register. I call this an additional safety blanket that is designed to protect the electrical safety of my customers. TrustMark is an on line directory searchable in a similar way to other find a trades person registers.

However the key difference with TrustMark is that every trades person listed, has been assessed to ensure their work meets Government Endorsed Standards. TrustMark is also supported by consumer protection groups. It is the only electricians register which is Government endorsed.

Although membership is not compulsory for electricians, you can be assured that TrustMark does not accept every electrician that is willing to pay – unlike other trades person registers. This is why I always recommend TrustMark as a useful starting point to find a trustworthy and reliable electrician in Medway or Maidstone to work in your home.

Always check the credentials of your electrician

A good electrician will only be too pleased to show you their qualifications and registration details. Never proceed with work until you have seen and verified these. Many electrical jobs that go wrong are often as a result of not checking this documentation and subsequently falling into the hands of an unregistered electrician – that is a person who says they are a registered electrician – when they may be neither. Meaning they could be both unqualified and unregistered and working in your home! Frightening stuff – and it is a common occurrence.

Many local people in Medway and Maidstone have mistakenly used the services of an unregistered electrician and at this time of year, they are gearing up for a busy few weeks of deluding unsuspecting home owners. This time of year is when home owners plan their home improvements. According to Nationwide Building Society, home owners carrying out home improvements spend an average of £3,342.

Don’t let your electrical work cost more than necessary

After the long Easter weekend, I have received more calls than usual from home owners asking if I can repair DIY or sub standard electrical work. Carrying out repairs of this type keep me very busy, however I have to say that it makes my blood boil when I learn that householders thought they were paying an electrician to do the work. Un-registered electricians often carry out dangerous and shoddy workmanship and is more costly overall to the householder who has to then pay twice to have the work done properly.

To Recap…..

Before you allow an electrician to carry out work in your home, always ensure you check their qualifications and registration before work commences.

Seriously consider using a TrustMark registered electrician to carry out your electrical work. It could save you money. I don’t want you to pay twice for a job. By using my services, I can assure you that my work will be safe, to Government approved standards and Part P certified.