Where to find a qualified and registered electrician

In all my posts, I always recommend using a qualified and registered electrician to carry out electrical work in your home. However, whilst there are many registers out there – there has not been one single register that lists all fully qualified and registered electricians.

Registered Competent Person

Registered Competent Person was launched on the 2nd July 2014 and is the only register of electricians that lists all electricians registered to work in householders in England and Wales.

Registered Competent Person is different because it is the only register featuring all registered electricians that is approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) so regardless as to whether an electrician is registered with the NICEIC, NAPIT etc they will be listed if their registration is with a DCLG approved organisation.

There is no additional fee to be listed either, so there is no financial incentive or branding on this register. It’s sole purpose is to raise awareness amongst the public of electrical safety and finding a qualified and registered electrician easily.

Why I support Registered Competent Person

It is the only register that features all qualified and registered electricians which has no bias. Electricians do not pay an additional fee to be on there and Registered Competent Person has a fully functioning complaints system and all work carried out by the electricians on there will carry a lengthy guarantee.

As an electrician in Medway, I have unfortunately come across sub standard electrical works in my clients homes which has been carried out by electricians which feature on ‘paid for’ registers. I won’t mention names directly, but these are the types of trades persons registers that you hear advertised on the radio and television on a regular basis. Upon making a compliant, these registers remain on the side on the trades person, poor reviews do not get published and the trades person does not get removed or reprimanded in any way. This is because the trades person pays to go on there and a removed entry is lost money to them.

How to use Registered Competent Person

Registered Competent Person http://www.electricalcompetentperson.co.uk/ is an on line only search facility. Simply enter your local postcode or enter the electricians company name and Registered Competent Person will find the relevant details including address, contact details and scheme provider. It is very easy to do – you don’t have to be a computer mastermind!

Using an electrician from Registered Competent Person will prevent you from falling into the hands of an unregistered electrician which are a big problem. Up to 20,000 unregistered electricians work in the UK on a daily basis often without the home owners knowledge. Unregistered electricians produce work that is often dangerous and not guaranteed leaving the home owner with no choice but to pay twice for the job to be done. They’re often no where to be found when problems arise in any case.

Unregistered electricians also leave you and your family at risk of electrical injury or worse and house fire. Electrical fires remain the biggest cause of house fire in the UK to date. Bad electrics contribute to this frightening statistic.

Find a Registered Competent Person

Finding a qualified and registered electrician in an unbiased way has now thankfully got a whole lot easier. Next time you need an electrician, always check this register before making contact so you know you are paying for the job to be done safely and correctly in accordance to the latest electrical regulations, as well as being certified and guaranteed.